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Eco-friendly Lawn Care Solutions

The O'Hara attitude is one of respect - respect for the people who use the facilities we service and respect for the environment in which they live and work. Whether it's idling down equipment as people pass or using smaller equipment near buildings and pedestrian areas, our professionals are always courteous and considerate of their surroundings. O'Hara Landscape / Lawn Care is dedicated to eco-friendly practices, investing in the latest clean-burning, low-noise-producing equipment available. 

Our environmental sustainability program is long term, and we continually look for opportunities to reduce our footprint. We continually collect data on our baseline operations and environmental impacts, analyzing: 

  • - Fuel Usage, 
  • - Conversion to alternative fuel vehicles,
  • - Paper consumption, and
  • - Electricity and water usage

Landscaping and Lawn Care Services in and around the St. Louis area