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Lawn Care

This service is for an annual fertilization program to be performed six times throughout the season. Granular pellets and/or liquid fertilizers will be dispersed evenly on all turf areas. Settings on rotary spreaders shall be set according to recommended rates and liquid applicators shall be calibrated as specified and applied by a licensed applicator. Our applicators are familiar with common turf pests and diseases and can inform you of an insect/disease/invasive weed infestation and recommend treatments at additional costs.

  • Step 1: Granular fertilizer with slow release nitrogen plus pre-emergent to control crab grass.
  • Step 2: Granular fertilizer with slow release nitrogen to help promote root development.
  • Step 3: Liquid post-emergent weed spray to help control broad leaf weeds.
  • Step 4: Granular organic slow release fertilizer with iron to promote green-up.
  • Step 5: Liquid post-emergent weed spray to help control broad leaf weeds plus granular fertilizer to help promote fall root growth.
  • Step 6: Granular slow release winterizer fertilizer to extend fall greenery and promote spring green up.

Insect/Grub Control:
Our Insect/Grub Control Program reduces a wide variety of insect pests without appreciably reducing beneficial insect populations. For sub-surface feeding insects such as White Grubs, irrigation to a depth of 1 – 1 ½” will help move the insecticide into the root zone where grubs are feeding. Thatch over ½ - ¾” may reduce effectiveness of the treatment.
*Preventative and Curative programs are available.

Fungus Control: Fungicide Application:
Preventative applications of fungicide are applied to help prevent turf disease. Fungicides kill molds, rust, mildew, and bacteria in the soil.

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