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Turf Mowing/Trimming/Blowing

Turf shall be cut at a standard height of 3” (as environmental conditions dictate) and will be performed weekly in order to remove 1/3 of the grass leaf or less per mowing, barring inclement weather. Mower blades on all equipment shall be kept sharp to prevent tearing of grass blades. Excess clippings shall be removed from the surface of the grass areas. Debris shall be cleaned and removed from turf areas before each mowing. All areas of grass adjacent to buildings, sidewalks, stairways, driveways, trees, bushes, and other stationary objects shall be trimmed with nylon string trimmers. Grass clippings and debris shall be blown from all hard surfaces. This service will start the first week of April and end the last week of November annually. If you would like to make any adjustments to this schedule please contact our office.

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